Apricots’ jammin’

Well hello there!

DSCF9062Sorry I haven’t been consistent posting. I don’t wanna force myself to blog so only post when I really want to share a recipe. So today, I will show you a quick recipe!

2 ingredients. 30 seconds to make, top. No cooking time. Only allow it to rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Ready?

Apricots jam



– 6 apricots

– 1 tablespoon chia seeds

– 1 tablespoon sugar (optional depending on the sweetness of your fruit)

– 2/3 tablespoons water


In a food processor, blend the apricots. Remove the seeds ahem but I ain’t teaching you anything (I got a really fun story with my boyfriend trying to make “nutella” with hazelnuts. You see where it’s heading)

Add the chia seeds, water and sugar if using some. Blend. Let rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Enjoy on some bread, on your porridge.. As you would do with regular jam!


See you :)


Coconut ice cream

Hi guys,


Today’s a really quick recipe. It’s starting to get sunny in London (finally!) and even if it’s not that hot, I’m often thinking of ice cream. (okay when is not ice cream is another dish but hey!)

Of course, we’re not speaking about dairy ice cream. I know nana ice cream (the mixed frozen bananas) which is great but hum, something more decadent is still missing…

Anyway, this recipe only calls for 5 minutes and ice cream molds! Oh and the ingredients of course :)

Coconut ice cream

Ingredients (for 2 ice creams):

–  2 tbsp melt coconut butter

– 1 to 2 tbsp coconut nectar (or agave syrup or sweetener of your choice)

– splash of coconut water (or you can replace with any vegan milk)

– 2 tsp cocoa powder


Mix everything then pour into ice cream molds. Put in freezer for a few hours.


Tell me what you think if you tried. I find it perfectly creamy thanks to the coconut butter!