Welcome! My first post and a Almond & Coco Balls recipe

After a few months of hesitation, I finally created my own blog! I’m hoping this space to be a way to communicate about veganism, how easy it is (okaaay maybe not everytime) and how satisfying it is (this one is a true statement)! Also, as I’m currently living in London, I will also share my discoveries, restaurants, vegan friendly pubs (I do love a pint of beer or cider, guilty) and a lot of other things.

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From left to right: Ethiopian food at Brick lane market, Manna restaurant, Borough market, Raw kale & mushrooms with wine 

I’m only vegan since august 2014 so not a long time ago. I made the change after a long time of reflection and thinking that I wouldn’t be able to give up some foods. Four months later, I can tell you that it was an easy change and that I don’t regret taking this step. As a matter of facts, my boyfriend is now a vegetarian. I will not insist on the reasons that led me to become vegan in this first post as many other sources of internet explain their arguments much better that I will do but I can say it’s mainly about environment, health and animal-ethic (no reason out of ordinary, no).

Whether you are a long time vegan chef or a newbie as me or a carnivore, I hope you will enjoy my blog and contribute to its content by comment on how to improve it (or just read it. That would be also great)

Anyway, I will start with a very easy recipe.

This first recipe is Almond & Coco balls. I love the form, love the taste and it’s very quick to made as there isn’t any baking needed.

Let’s start.

Almond & Coco Balls


Cooking tools:

– a blender or food processor

Ingredients: (for about 2 medium balls)

– about a handful of raw almonds

– 1 tsp of coconut oil (in its solid form)

– 2 tablespoons of grated coconut

– 1 tsp or 2 of agave syrup

Put the almonds in the food processor and blend until it forms a butter. You will need to scrape the almonds from the sides of your processor.

Add then the coconut oil and agave syrup and blend again.

Now it’s time to use your hands… Pick the “dough” and form a ball by rolling the mixture into your hand. You can form balls of the size you like.

Put the grated coconut on a plate and then roll your ball in it to cover it all. You can it eat straight, no need to bake or anything! I also like to put them in the fridge to eat them later.


You can of course replace the almonds by other nuts such as hazelnuts or cashew nuts, or replace the grated coco by raw cocoa. You can also put the grated coco inside the mixture, this recipe is very easy to change to your taste.

Please feel free to leave comments for more information as I will be happy to answer (or if you want to welcome me, telling my blog is pretty – or ugly…). See you next time!


10 thoughts on “Welcome! My first post and a Almond & Coco Balls recipe

  1. Good luck to you on your vegan journey! I haven’t been to Europe in 6 years, but I would love to return soon and learn from you how to eat plant-based there! (I studied in France and gorged on ham and butter sandwiches! What will I do now?!) :)


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