This is nuts! Hazelnuts & almonds raw tart

Okay the joke was easy and not that funny. But you will love this dessert!

Hazelnut & almond raw tart

I went to Whole foods market last week and bought in the fridge section (close to the checkout.. I can be weak when I’m shopping on an empty stomach) a raw hazelnut tart. Pretty packaging in a reusable glass, clean compo and very good taste. But it was pretty expensive: £3 for 100 grams. That’s why I tried to make my own version which is cheaper and doesn’t need a new packaging every time.

It’s not the same taste of course: I adapted and added almonds and ingredients are not quite the same (no cacao nibs, no coconut palm sugar, no dates, no salt..) which is more easy to bake as you don’t need to have too much stuff in your pantry.

There isn’t any oil as there is already the fat from the nuts and I don’t miss it in this recipe.

Hazelnuts & almonds raw tarts



Ingredients: (for 2 tarts)

– a handful of hazelnuts

– 2 handfuls of almonds

– 3 or 4 tbsp of agave syrup

– 2 tsp of Cacao powder

– 10 cl of soy milk (or any vegan milk)

– 1 tbsp of grated coconut (optional)





In a food processor, blend hazelnuts. Then add 1 tbsp of agave syrup and continue blending.

Flatten on the bottom of your recipient and set aside. This layer should be approximately 1 cm high.

In the food processor, mix now the almonds. Then add soy milk, agave syrup and cacao and blend again. Empty in your recipient on the layer of hazelnuts.

You can sprinkle the grated coconut on the top if you like.

Cover and put in the fridge for about 5 hours (or more depending on the size of your recipient – the bigger, the longer) but eat within 1 day. I recommend to put in individual recipient.

DSCF5162Don’t hesitate to tell me what you’ve thought of this recipe or if you have any tips for pictures (I’m trying to learn to take pictures as you may have noticed!)

Enjoy and see you next time for gluten-free Christmas treats to eat and drink…

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