Vegan heaven in Glasgow

Hi there!

I’m really sorry for the lack of posts lately but I was moving flats last week and then went to Glasgow for the week end. I didn’t have a lot of time but I promise that there will be nice recipes to come soon!


Glasgow Cathedral viewed from the top of the necropolis

Anyway, I want to share a little my trip to Glasgow, as I went to many different places to eat (yeah, just for you guys). I used the online happy cow guide that I recommend if you are vegetarian or vegan as it lists every veg friendly, vegan and vegetarian place (not only in UK) based on people’s contributions and reviews.

I didn’t think that there was so many good places to eat vegan in Glasgow. What I found funny was that all the places we went to were not advertised directly as vegan but only have a mention on their menu such as”our food is 100% free of any animal produce“. The places we went to were very casual and inexpensive. Gosh it was amazing!

Photos are not good at all and don’t do any justice to the food as I didn’t have my camera with me. Click on titles to be redirected to their website.

The flying duck

Okay first of all, we went to The flying Duck. Front entrance is closed so you have to go in the back street to enter, which can be a little surprising. It’s a pub and there was a musical bingo on the night we went to. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to eat a proper meal as they stop at 8 pm. We were a little disappointed as there were burgers which seemed promising on the menu. Anyway we took their “snacks” which were more than enough for the two of us.


I was not so enthusiast with the hot dog as the bread was too soft to my taste but my boyfriend like it. The mezze platter was original for a Scottish pub I thought but well done. Delicious olives. For all this and two pints, it was only 17 pounds. There is also ice cream for two pounds if you like too! Ambiance is very nice with good music.

The 78

This one was really fun also as the entrance is not attractive at all! From outside it just looks like an old pub but as soon as we stepped inside, we felt like we were entering a nice living room with a fire place and everything was wooden. A nice feeling as it was rainy and a little bit snowy outside. Once again we took nachos as a starter. It was even nicer than the night before!


Then we had burgers. My bf has a falafel burger and I had the classic 78 burger which I found tastier than his but a little bit too salty for me. Fries were good also.(I am a huge fan of fries I admit)

Then, and I know that I exaggerate but I really wanted to taste the dessert, I had the hazelnuts brownie with its vanilla ice cream. I still dreamed about it. I can’t believe it was vegan!



Located in the city center, this bar was really nice as well. I was still feeling a little full from my lunch so I took the seasonal salad with roasted parsnips, carrots and beetroots which was good but not amazing.


My boyfriend took the mushrooms gnocchis which tasted really good! Music was also nice as they turn into a night club after.

Saramago cafe bar

This cafe is located within the contemporary arts center that we visited. As it was a Sunday there weren’t many people and the atmosphere was really calm.


They have a large selection of teas such as Yogi teas. On Sunday they offer 4 tapas for 10 pounds which was a good deal for us as it was enough. We took dolmades with tahini & mint dip, Artichokes & porcini paella, harissa potatoes and baba ghanoush with pita bread.

Paella was nice and creamy but make me think more of a risotto than a paella. We didn’t taste the main dishes but they seemed very promising as well.


Don’t you worry about my weight as it didn’t take a second lunch but just desert there! Okay I agree that’s already a lot. But when I saw on their online menu the terms “Oreo cheesecake” I just couldn’t resist. (And yes, if you didn’t know, Oreos are vegan as they only contain “traces of milk”)


There was a delicate taste of cardamom in the filling of the cheesecake and it tastes wonderful. Highly recommend.

Otherwise, Glasgow is a really nice city and we really enjoyed our stay. People are very nice, and even with the bad weather we had, the city is so beautiful. It was our first time in Scotland and we want to visit more of it in the summer.

Ok, now that you have proof that I am a little ogress when it comes to food, I will meet you soon for a recipe! In the meantime please tell me if you know any good vegan places near Chalk farm, London!


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