Spinach & Lemon smoothie and Chocolate Soyshake

Hey guys!

Just a quick note today to share my two favorite smoothies’ recipes. I know you don’t really need recipes to make smoothies but I just wanted to share these two, as I tried a lot with red berries before and was not a huge fan of those. (If you do have a recipe which you find fantastic with red berries, please send it to me though!)

The first one is more of a morning one, I mean, I mostly drink it on mornings than during the rest of the day. With lemon & spinach, I think it’s an excellent way to start the day! Here’s the first recipe for this green smoothie. Don’t be afraid of the spinach in it; you can’t really taste it.

Spinach & Lemon Smoothie



– one banana

– the juice of half a lemon

– One big handful of spinach

a piece of cucumber or a piece of ginger (optional)

– one cup of water

– one tsp of agave syrup (optional depending on how ripe is your banana)


Hum, I don’t think I need to explain. Put everything in your blender and blend and here you go!

I drink the second one when I want something a little more comforting. It makes me think of a chocolate milkshake but without all the badness.

Chocolate Soyshake



– one banana

– one cup of soy milk

– 1 tsp agave syrup

– 2 tbsp cacao powder

– a few cashew nuts or peanut butter (optional)


Blend and drink.

Those are the perfect breakfast options when you don’t really have time or don’t have that much left in your cupboard!

See you next time guys!


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