Becoming vegan : taking the first step

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share some of the resources which were and are helpful for me. There will be another post on this topic as this one is the first part.

Here you can find what helped and still help me the most as a vegan, to take my decision to become vegan and keep the motivation. Do not hesitate to share your own resources and links.

I was thinking for about a year to become vegetarian, regarding to the environment and my health. I didn’t really think about animals at the time, just explaining to myself that it was the normal food chain. After watching Vegucated, it was enough for me to take the decision to try veganism (and for my boyfriend to be vegetarian actually). Today, we still don’t look back and I can never picture myself eating an animal again.


A documentary which follows 3 omnivorous, cheese & meat lovers; a single mother of 2, a female teenager still living with her family and a 30ish years old man. All of them don’t know anything about veganism and accept to try the lifestyle during 6 weeks, with the help of a vegan chef, explaining and teaching them about the meat and dairy industry and how to cook and what to eat. This movie is really funny, because the tone is light, not sanctimonious but shows a few “hard” but real images of the conditions the animals are treated with. The movie makes an important point also: it’s not because it’s organic or free range that it’s cruelty free.

Actually that’s the only movie which I decided to talk about as I watch a few other ones but the tone was sometimes a bit admonitory.

There is also this short video made by Steve Cutts, Man, which is really known but quite explicit and well produced. You can also find a lot of videos on the Youtube channel of Peta.

Document yourself. You will find on the internet everything you have to know to make your decision. You don’t have to go through a lot of violent images but seeing the suffering can bring awareness. Lot of people prefer closing their eyes or just think that it will not change anything. But it’s not true and changing your food habits is really easy! If you don’t do it for animals, do it for your health and the environment.

As I said above, eating vegan is really easy, at least cooking for yourself is. And no, it’s not about only eating pasta and vegetables.  I never had that much diversity in my plate actually than by going vegan.

For many people, vegan is synonym of restriction. I hope that my recipes show you that it’s absolutely not a restrictive lifestyle and not difficult, but I wanted to share the blogs that I follow the most, with recipes I enjoy to make.

Minimalist Baker

Rainbow Spring rolls with ginger peanut sauce

A couple shares their recipes with a maximum of 10 ingredients per recipe and to make within only 30 minutes. Easy and cruelty free cooking!

Oh she glows

The nourish Glow miracle bowl

Loads of vegan recipes, plus gluten free and raw. On this blog you will find very healthy recipes and really nice photos.

Thug Kitchen

Spinach Cooler

 This one is very funny and recipes are very easy to make! No crazy ingredients. I just bought their cookbook and looking forward to taste more recipes!

Naturally Sassy

Scones with Cashew cream & raspberry jam

A nice looking blog with a Londoner author which gives healthy recipes, vegan, sugar and gluten free!

Better than Butter

Salade automnale de poireau, carotte, panais, pomme et kale crus.

This last one will only be for french speaking readers. Photos are amazing, and recipes are great.

Okay I hope this will be helpful for some of you!

Now, a little challenge for you guys if you aren’t vegan yet. Try to eat vegetarian for a week. No meat, no fish. If you’re doing it well and understand why you are doing that, I promise the week will become a month and then more…


4 thoughts on “Becoming vegan : taking the first step

  1. Hi, I have been vegan following a plant based diet for almost a year now. I think that it can be difficult when you eat out (maybe not in London), I tend to order side salads and vegetables from the ‘sides’ menu… It looks as if we have the same taste in books both plant based and novels (I noticed the Silkworm book in your instagram page which I have just started reading)…Nice webpage!


    1. Thank you, I just took a look at your blog and we even share the same theme! I agree it can be difficult eating outside. In my hometown, there is zero vegan restaurant. Asking for sides is the best idea I think! What do you think of The Silkworm so far then? :)


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