Vegan all-you-can-eat buffet in London : 222 Veggie Vegan


Last Sunday, I went to a restaurant in London that I never tried before, 222 Veggie Vegan.

Photo found on the London Vegan Societies website


222 is 100% vegan and located in West Brompton, West London. Even if you’re not staying in West London, it’s actually worth to go there!

They  offer gluten free and raw options. Nothing is fried and their selection of drinks is mainly organic. Food and drinks are inexpensive, £2 to £4 for a juice or smoothie.

For Lunch, they offer an all-you-can-eat buffet at £7,50 to eat-in or £5,50 to take away. Compared to a lot of other vegan buffets in London where you can only take one plate for about the same price or even more, it’s cheaper. If you’re going on the evening, food is à la carte.

Service is nice, however I recommend that you book a table before going as the place is quite small and crowded. I didn’t but we had the chance to be seated anyway.


We took 2 plates at the buffet and we were totally full; see my plates above and below, they were quite enormous. The selection was large enough, a choice of different salads such as red cabbage & carrots, spinach & avocado, lettuce & tomatoes and others. For hot food, there were mashed potatoes, curried? chickpeas & beans (Don’t know exactly what it was but is was my favorite I think), pak choi, red beans, polenta cakes, stuffed tomatoes…


Go there! Seriously, food tastes amazing!

For sure, I had dessert. I hesitated a lot between their 222 pancake and their chocolate gateau, and took finally the chocolate gateau (If you read me before, you probably guessed my passion for chocolate…). I do not regret it! With most of the desserts, you can add vanilla ice cream or custard. (I didn’t, after my two plates, I was pretty full)


The chocolate gateau was DECADENT. That’s the only word which came to my mouth when eating it! It was one of the moments when you reach for the menu and check again that you are in a vegan place.


 I will definitely go there again. If you go or already went, let me know what you thought of this place!


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