Lazy chocolate & hazelnut spread

Hey guys!

Today, my recipe for chocolate & hazelnut spread when you are really lazy. Only a few ingredients for a very decadent spread. Treat yourself sometimes!


Story behind this recipe is that I was looking for a tablet of dark chocolate. Not a big deal, you say? Every tablet in our local supermarket was either with milk or expensive. Or both. I finally found one but with a really high content in sugar. With a big chocolate craving (as always), I bought it anyway. As I thought, it was too sugary so I decided to use it in a recipe rather then directly eat it. Definitely a very interesting story you are thinking hum! Recipe’s time then.


Lazy chocolate & hazelnut spread


– 1 cup of hazelnuts

– 3 tablespoons of coconut oil

– 160 grams of dark chocolate


Put every ingredient in blender or food processor starting with coconut oil (as it will be easier for your blender to process). Blend until smooth and looking good.




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